These are firms and professionals that you may call as referrence or hire for your project.


Landscape Architect

Charles Brown, Riverside, CA, T: 951.683.6222

Steve Murray, San Bernardino, CA, T: 909.884.7660

Tom Oswald, Thousand Oaks, CA T: 805.373.8555

Jose Estrada

Structural Engineers

Civil Engineers

Soils Engineers

N. Skaf Consultant, Riverside, CA. T: 951.522.2837

Yeoman Associates, Redlands, CA. T: (909)748-0999

SDH & Assoc., Inc., Steve Sommers, Riverside, CA. T: 951.683.3691

Action Survey: Gabe Ybarra, Riverside, CA. T: 951.686.6166  (no relation)

Ventura Engineering Inland, Inc. , Temecula, CA. T: 951-240-5252

Sake Engineers, Inc. , Corona, CA. T: 951-279-4041

AMPAC Engineering: Dave Ballenger, Riverside, CA. T: 951.354.0986

Academy Consulting Corp., Lake Elsinore, CA. T: 951-245-2200


Help-U-Sell, Tammy Whitehead, Riverside, CA  T: 951.682.6226

Marin Reality Group, Jose Marin, Perris, CA ‭(951) 657-4400

Provident Bank, Dale Reed, Riverside, CA  T: 951.686.6060

Market Capital Morgage, John Fruciano, Riverside , CA, T: 951.787.7878