Welcome to my world

My career as a Building Designer began as a young boy living in a suburb of Los Angeles. Across the street was a strip center with a Thriftymart (if you remember that store chain than you are older than you think). Between it and the Five and Dime store was an appliance store.  Regularly I would drag home from the rear of that appliance store every large cardboard appliance box I could get my hands on. Once retrieved into the backyard I would go hunting for my mom’s King Kong scissor she used for cutting heavy fabric. I had to make use of them quickly before she discovered their absence as she didn’t take a liking when I dulled her sizers on cardboard.

Taking scissors in hand I would cut openings in the boxes for doorways and windows.  Basically fabricate houses, forts, imaginary air-raid shelters, or whatever the focus of play was for me and friends.  If I wasn’t cutting boxes I was stretching my bed sheets across my bedroom into a tension structure, stapling their corners and edges to the wall.

When I was in Jr-High I had my first exposure to a T-Square and other drafting tools.  In metal shop we had to complete the drafting of an object before we could start putting hand to tool.  I got a C+ on my first try but enjoyed it so much I redrew it and got a higher grade.  Since then I knew I wanted to design, took drafting in high school and eventually attended Sci-Arc in LA.  What you see and read here is my love for Architecture but what is even more special to me are the people I have had the privilege designing for. I am grateful to them all for the privelege of designing and drawing their homes.

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Bob Ybarra