The design and drawing process

Our services consist of four phases or a variation of these phases depending on the nature of your project: Design Development Phases, Architectural Documents Phase, Engineering Documents Phase and Construction overview Phase.


The Building Designer shall review the design criteria furnished by the Client to ascertain the requirements of the Project and shall confirm such requirements to the Client.

Based on the mutually agreed upon design criteria, Design Development Documents consisting of sketches, drawings and other documents to fix and describe the size and character of the entire Project will be developed and presented.  Time is taken to communicate with all city departments to determine and clarify any requirements pertaining to this project and its design and at times with utility companies if needed.  

Once a design is developed it is presented to you, the client, for review and adjustment to the design.   The design is then finalized upon approval by you, the client.  


Once the  Design Development Documents are approved we then move on to the Architectural Drawings and Specifications phase.  These are accurate and scaled drawings that set forth in detail the requirements of the approved design. These include all floor plan, exterior elevations, interior elevations, cross sections,  site plan, and architectural details.  Basically all drawings and specifications that related to the aesthetics of the project.  


For a residential project plans are submitted to our structural engineer, mechanical to evaluate and produce structural calculations and details for the project, as well to our mechanical engineer for energy calculations and to truss company for engineered truss calculations.  With a commercial project plans are submitted for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering and plans.


A complete set of Constriction Drawings are required by bidding General Contractors in order to provide you with an itemized bid for your project.  It is suggested that you acquire three bids so to compare.  Go to my Reference page for a list of general contractors.  A set of PDF files of your project can be sent to the bidding general contractors at your request.  


Typically with residential projects plans are submitted by owner to the local building department.  We can submit on your behalf but this will be charged at an hourly rate in addition to the initial project fee and reimbursement is required for all government fees.  

If you have selected a general contractor, they will be able to submit your project on your behalf as part of their services. 


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