"Federal Research invented it" Says Pelosi by Bob Ybarra

Federal government taking credit for inventing the iPhone because they funded research that led to the parts and materials used in the iPhone is like parents taking credit for inventing the iPhone because they paid for the engineer son working at Apple.  

I do not discount how federal funds are behind many areas of research done at universities and other facilities but to state that federal funds did the inventing is atrocious. With that said lets consider the amazing inventions that government never had a part in that changed the world. Johannes Gutenberg's printing press or Oliver Evans who invented the first refrigeration machine, are examples.  

I am indebted to the research and development funded by our government and do not discount that contribution for I lived the space race through my dad who worked on the Apollo and Shuttle projects.  But lets give credit where credit is actually due, Government may have funded but men and women who, used their intelligence (another natural resource not invented by government) researched, experimented, developed, invented and produced. Providing cash doesn't invent anything (taxpayer's $ BTW) without inventive, visionary and innovative minds.  Federal funds are worthless without these people.  Her inability to see this and instead give shameless credit to an inanimate institution is a sad testimony of our politicians to elevate their positions over the real inventors.

That's my 2 cents.


Design, Presentation, Flags & Roman Mars by Bob Ybarra

First you have to love the guy's name, "Roman Mars."  But you also have to love his attention to design found in all places.  Roman is the creator and host of the 99% Invisible podcast.  In his TED Talk he not only does a wonderful presentation as if he is producing one of his podcasts, but wonderfully reveals the simple approach of design using flags.  Yes, flag design. To me it is the earliest example of the icon that simply and graphically communicates about the person, place or thing it represents. The approach used in flag design principles shared in the presentation can be used in virtually all graphic design whether it be a poster, a business card or a logo.  


Bob Ybarra

The Water Fence - Residential solution to water collection by Bob Ybarra

The Water Fence is the idea of 15 year old Steven McDowell.   The 6 foot high water storage fence is capable of collecting 240 gallons of water in each tank section from the rain run-off of your roof.  

According, "the average American family uses 320 gallons of water per day, about 30 percent of which is devoted to outdoor uses," (  That would be an outdoor use averaging 96 gallons a day.  A 240 gallon unit could supply water for 2.5 days depending on the use and size and type of landscaping.  Doesn't sound like much but when you add 32 of these together (the length of fencing on a standard residential lot of 60'x100') you have reduced your water usage by approximately 80 days, nearly a quarter of a year.  Take in consideration rainy and cool months where less or no water is needed in the garden you have a generous supply to supplement your outdoor irrigation.  Add drip a system or high efficiency sprinkler heads and you have succeeded to increase the usage.  You could maybe even sell it to your neighbors and help offset the cost. 

There are a variety of decorative treatments for the sides and it seems that the typical white vinyl look  would be most in demand thought they do not have any photo's on their sight.  Most Home Owner Associations approve the white or tan vinyl fencing over other types.  

I am waiting on the some cost information from the company and will add that to this post. For more information go to  Also, do the young man a favor and repost this post or any of the companies other videos.  


Zero Global warming over past 18 years by Bob Ybarra

Patrick Moore debates Erwin Jackson (Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute) regarding the lack of temperature change in past 18 years.  Interesting stuff.   

Whether you believe in global warming or not is not a concern of mine.  I believe we should be energy conscience for our clients, period. But can we do so with passive methods of energy design rather than raise the cost of construction through expensive and often ugly mechanical alternatives?