9/11 Remembered - Explosives destroyed WTC / by Bob Ybarra

In commemoration of the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 I thought it best to remember the failure to do a thorough and complete and accurate evaluation of why the Twin Towers and Building 7 failed and collapsed in the manner they did.  

The linked video is produced by a group of well respected, educated and profession scientists, engineers and architects who present remarkably credible evidence and arguments that nanothermite explosives were the cause of the failure and collapse of the Twin Towers.  They have published their findings called "The Toronto Report."

An added note:  Days after 9/11 I traveled with fellow pastors and firefighter friends to do what we could to comfort and care for the hurting of New Your city.  We served along side so many wonderful people from all over the US.  I will always remember those I prayed with, conceded and cried with and the brave first responders I was so privileged to meet.  May the Lord comfort them all this day.