Amazon further infiltrates your life. Creepy? / by Bob Ybarra

We all think Tony Stark's cyber assistant Jarvis is cool. But it was developed and programmed by the fictional character and wasn't connected to a corporation with the dastardly intent to sell you everything under the sun whether you want it or not.  In the case of Amazon's Echo it makes me feel a bit creepy that a company is aggregating more than what I might search for on the website.  Would I want a corporate capitalistic behemoth as Amazon to know this much information about me and my family?  A bit Orwellian in a commercial kind of way?

This brings me to another thought and that is how we humans are letting others or letting technology think for us and chose for us.  We are seeing more and more tech stuff, such as Echo, that are not tools as much as they are geeky umbilical cords.  This is why it's creepy to me.  

By Jarvis (on behalf of Bob)